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  • The 25 March 2015


Hey, Passionistas, have you found your favorite 100% homemade beauty treatment? For 2015, it is all about DIY, pampering yourself and your skin!

More concentrated, more natural, more economical… organic homecare has more benefits than one ! It’s your turn now, time to build the basics of your beauty routine.

Rose-Milk Bath

Ingredients :

-       2 tbsp. fresh organic cream

-       2 tbsp. organic honey

-       1 tbsp. organic rose water

Instructions :

Yes, girls, fresh cream is truly your soft-skin ally,  unmistakable in DIY beauty ! Stir ingredients together in a bowl. Now apply this light milk to your face to cleanse impurities and moisturize your beautiful skin.


Moisturizing Day Cream

Ingredients :

-       ¼ cup organic avocado oil

-       1 tbsp organic honey

-       2 tbsp beeswax

-       ½ tsp royal jelly

-       1 tbsp rosemary

-       10 drops of organic rose water

Instructions :

With this cream, leave dry skin behind ! Make a smooth mixture by melting the honey and beeswax in a pot on your stove, stirring gently.  Once the wax becomes a liquid, remove from heat and add the avocado oil.  Continue to constantly stir (come on girls, build those arm muscles!). Once these ingredients are mixed, let the mixture cool. Then add the rest of the ingredients and presto, it’s ready! Now simple place your new moisturizer in a small container, and store in the refrigerator for up to three weeks.


Night Cream

Ingredients :

-       8 drops of lavendar essential oil

-       6 drops of tea-tree essential oil

-       6 drops of citronella essential oil

-       2 tbsp of hazelnut oil

Instructions :

A date with your new crush tomorrow? It’s time to enhance your beauty with this DIY treatment! Pour essential oils and hazelnut oil directly into an opaque bottle.  This will help to preserve the properties of the different ingredients that are sensitive to light.  Carefully close the bottle and shake vigorously before each application.  You are sure to wake with soft, luminous skin!


Nourishing Body Cream

Ingredients :

-       2 tbsp organic honey

-       2 tsp apricot kernel oil

-       1 tsp borage oil

-       ½ cup fresh cream

In a small bowl, gently mix the honey, apricot kernel oil and borage oil.  Then add the cream and mix vigorously to emulsify the mixture. Pour your nourishing body cream into a bottle and store for up to one week in the refrigerator.

We bet your soft, fragrant skin is going to melt ;)