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  • Passio News
  • The 22 January 2015


Get your ticket for an unforgettable funfair : The Sexy Passionata Funfair, that is! The carousel melodies mixes with bursts of laughter, while the screams of the Passionista echo in the haunted train.

Do you recognize the sweet smell of cotton candy and popcorn? No doubt, you are deep within the sparkling, cheeky  and colorful universe of Passionata’s new Spring-Summer 2015 collection! 

Let’s Play : play with colors 

In a playful mood? You will definitely fall for THE lingerie line that’s 100% a pop of energy: Let's Play. Its lacy pieces tempt you to play with its saturated colors: Raspberry, Blue Bird, Clementine or Opal. It’s all about mix & match !


Shine like the Hall of Mirrors with the Glossy Collection

For lingerie that’s as discreet as it is refined, your best bet is the Glossy Invisible Collection: a delight for all Passionistas! With its powdery shades and seamless lines, it is your secret ally for an iridescently secret seduction!


Confetti: embark for the Passionata Funfair!

Attention thrill seekers: a festive vibe is rocking your lingerie! The Confetti Collection is festooned in polka dots. Dare to wear an electrifying color…like Rose Miami!


Double Je: twice the femininity

When delicate embroidery meets the sensuality of lace, comes the glamorous cocktail of the Double Je Collection ... So sexy, you’ll make him look twice!


Relive your first love

Feel like making some sweet seduction? Butterflies in your stomach, and a racing heart…relive the emotions of your first love: make a date with the First Love Collection and its bubbly Sunset and Arty prints


Baby Love: That’s fun!

And if you fall for a lingerie collection that’s as light and fun as a carnival ride, dare the audacious Raspberry or Lemon shades of the Baby Love Collection…for a look that’s as sweetly tart as a candy!


Is that you, Cuty?

Even at the top of the ferris wheel, the most adorable of Passionistas don the new Cuty Collection in embroidered tulle. Either in Lagoon or Rose Miami, choose your side and revel in its lightness and sensuality!


Enter the Lady Dragon

A fiery temper? Slip into the silky and sensual Lady Dragon Collection…a line with Japanese inspiration for the dragon trainers. Prepare yourself!