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  • The 11 February 2015


This Valentine’s Day let your inner Passionista run wild : naughty, seductive, and sweet, you’ve got it all to make this one unforgettable. Surprise and charm him with your prettiest finery…the ones you wear underneath ;)

Valentine’s Day Gifts that are 100% Seductive

On Valentine’s Day, make it a « Playful seduction » ! Dig out your perfume, vintage blouse, or leather bracelet that’s sure to entice your paramour.

Is your guy an adventurer at heart ? Try something different and offer him a cooking or wine tasting class, go skydiving, or plan a romantic weekend getaway.

For your Valentine’s day gift, drop little hints to subtly let him know if you prefer getting flowers, a makeup kit, or a cute accessory for your home…unless he gets you that amazing vintage jewelry you’ve had your eye on or a gorgeous Passionata lingerie ensemble ! 


A decadent dinner, peppered with flavor

Whether you go out to a restaurant or have a romantic dinner at home, don’t forget to plan for an evening of Valentine’s Day fun, sparkling and above all, devoted to séduction.

If you go out to eat, go for a totally unique expérience like a blackout restaurant, or at an avant-garde restaurant that features molecular gastronomy…you’ll be talking about it for days !

At home, aim for a more subdued ambience…a simple menu with an accent on a bold flavor that heightens the sensés (like Ginger, chocolate, or wine) will make for a delicious expérience, Mmmm !


Which lingerie set for an unforgettable night ?

Dinner has come to an end and it’s time to put on your prettiest Passionata ensemble for the happy ending!

If you’re feeling in a fun, sexy mood, go for the Confetti or Double Play collection !

The « Crush On You » collection if you’re feeling like a seductress…it flatters your féminine assets, quite subtly of course !

And if you’re planning to stay up all night, wear the Miss Coquette Baby-doll with its matching thong !