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  • The 15 October 2015

Pink Thriller, enter the game!

This winter, take part in the most glamorous investigation! The Autumn-Winter 2015 Passionata collection leads you on the trail of dangerous suspects.

Their crime? Bringing men to their knees, one after the other, with just their irresistible charm! You have the soul of Colonel Mustard? Miss Detective, we need your help to solve this mystery ...

 The man, principle victim

The journalists panicked as Miss Detective continues conducting the investigation from morning to night. The list of victims continues to grow, men seem unable to resist these weapons of mass seduction.

And will they not also melt before the sexiest detectives ?


 The  Passionata victims in the crosshairs

After playing to closely with this fire, they have singed their wings and are now the prime suspect. Miss Detective doesn’t lose a strap, and sifts through each lace centimeter.

Who are these serial seductresses? No official confirmation has been made, but it is rumored that Miss Coquette, Aphrodite or Adorable are perhaps not unrelated to the case. The Passionata criminals have struck again!


 Caught in the act of seduction!

Grab a magnifying glass and walk in the footsteps of Miss Detective, help resolve the most glamorous puzzle.

Examine the evidence: subtle play of transparency, delightfully sweet colors, irresistible prints, enchanting lace... Faced with this avalanche of evidence, doubt is no longer possible: the new Autumn-Winter 2015 Passionata collection is guilty of seduction!

In the office, the kitchen, the lounge ... wherever the heart strokes we’ll be ready!

Get your binoculars, ready, investigate!