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  • The 1 October 2015

Pink Thriller: the 2015 autumn-winter collection confesses !

Miss Detective needs your help! After accumulating evidence, the most sparkling detectives drew a sketch of the main suspect, suspected of dropping men one after the other. Eager to catch them? Here they are...

All U Need, the discrete

She appears so wise that no one would suspect a thing. But this light, delicate lace and fresh, feminine style has not escaped Miss Detective’s expert eye. The time of the interrogation has begun, to learn more about the colors and sassy Cloudy et Pied de Poule...


Adorable, the seductress

With graphic lace and frighteningly trendy accents, Adorable collections made every heart beat. The colors Tyrian Pink, Black and Poppy Red paired with fashion items such as the teddy or garter belt make it a weapon of mass seduction to monitor very closely...


Addiction, femme fatale

This naughty satin line with lace details is perhaps one of the most popular pieces of the seductive season! Open your eyes: to bewitch your victims, Addiction adopts the color combinations of Black and Pink, and Black and Red... A double play that hits hard!


About Midnight, the mystery

Midnight, the witching hour. Where was About Midnight at this precise time? Did she hide under the glamorous satin and tulle? Heavy suspicion hangs over this line thats available up to a G-cup.


 Aphrodite, the player

Black Velvet and Ivory give this line a rendering of the rogues. Its no wonder that Aphrodite likes to seduce men! But how far is she ready to go in this playful lingerie?


Anémone, the illusive

According to the witnesses, an enchanting fragrance sometimes floats over the crime scene. This nevertheless leads Miss Detective to suspect Anemone, one line with sparkling floral lace in the colors Racing Club and Lipstick Guava that are perfect to mix or match according to his desires



Absolu, the temptress

Absolu doesn’t leave things unfinished: when she uses bondage, she combines it with transparent lace inserts for maximum seduction. No man seems able to resist!


Mon Ange, the divine

She seems as white as snow, but Mon Ange’s face is still on the list of suspects. It must be said that by playing with rhinestones and tulle mesh draped in pristine white, the princess-like line of devilishly sexy ice turns all heads.

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