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  • The 15 March 2015


Does spring bring out your desire for bright colors? You’ve started to put away the winter clothes in your closet… so why not in your lingerie drawer as well? Have a ball with the spring-summer 2015 Passionata collection!


Lovely Passio, a spring lingerie line

Your goal this spring ? To find THE crush of the century with the perfectly compelling ally : Lovely Passio. With lace overlays, satin ribbons, small butterfly knots all in the lovely Lavender Raspberry …  not to mention your mischievous smile, of course! Who would have the heart to resist ?


The game of mix'n'match with the line, Let's Play

Today, it is YOU who have all the cards. Set your own rules and become the queen of mix’n’match. The goal? Combine the brilliant lingerie pieces from the Let’s Play collection. A naughty lingerie line that has the ideal match for every mood. Raspberry, Bird of Paradise or Clementine: all of your colorful pep in every set!


A gourmet spring with Double Je

Adopt a spring attitude! It's now or never to showcase your sexiness with light lingerie sets all in candy colors.

The delicate lace Double Je ensemble plays with your sublime curves under your favorite little dress. Raspberry, for the Passionistas addicted to juicy red fruit, or Talc, with the Raspberry accented straps, the Double Je bra multiplies your attractive seduction.

You are almost certain to accent the nights…