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Passionistas' little secrets 

for washing and storage!

Fine lace, delicate embroidery… your lingerie needs to be handled with care! Passionistas share their little secrets for washing and storage, to look after your lingerie and enjoy it for longer!

Tulle, satin, lace… every bra is different! So as not to get it wrong, the simplest thing is to look at the labels, whose icons will indicate the care instructions. Are there lots of icons? Don't worry, we've explained all the symbols here!

Secret n°1

The gentlest way to preserve your Passionata lingerie is to wash it by hand!

Secret n°2

In the machine, never wash your lingerie without a laundry mesh bag! What's that? A laundry mesh bag is found in all supermarkets and specialist stores in the detergent section. Thanks to its closure, you can put your lingerie inside and be sure that it remains there during washing.

Secret n°3

Don't tumble dry your lingerie and never use chlorine or bleach.

Secret n°4

You love your white lingerie! It would be much less pretty in gray? Keep it sparkling by washing it at low temperatures!

Use detergent (especially for whites) but never bleach as it risks turning it yellow.

Secret n°5

A bra remains a delicate item and this is even more true of your T-shirt or padded bras as they can quickly become misshapen when stored. So as not to damage the molded cups, we recommend that you store them fitted into each other.

Clever tip: you will also gain more space for the rest of your underwear!